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What can I do?

Whether you are just getting involved in the movement or if you are a seasoned activist see our bid for changes you can make in your life to reduce your own footprint or affect change around you. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

The quick and easy

  • Swap your light bulbs for LED light bulbs. They are a bit more expensive to buy but they last much longer and they use much less electricity.

  • Turn the heating down to 20 degrees; save on your heating bill and make a large impact on your household’s emissions.

  • Check out our Take Action blog for links to open petitions demanding change. 

  • Save your leftovers and reduce food waste 

  • Follow the buyerarchy of needs as proposed and illustrated by Sarah Lazarovic to combat our brains desire to want more. Everything we buy needs energy to be produced and transported. The less we buy, the less CO2 is released.

  • Shop locally and waste free - Greenwich has just gotten a great new waste free shop and local farmers markets offer a great selection on seasonal fruit and veg year round

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Getting around 

  • Walk, cycle or take public transport whenever you can

  • Cut back on air travel - maybe consider staycations or overnight trains to continental Europe 

  • If your family has to have a car, look into buying an electric car

Big impacts and long term changes 

  • Get social and join a local group like XR, Eltham Enviros​, Stop the Silvertown Tunnel and meet new friends with a similar interest in saving the planet

  • Change your eating habits by stopping or reducing the amount of meat, dairy and seafood you consume. If you are not quite ready for the full leap, check out Graham Hill's take on reducing meat consumption here

  • Lobby your councillors - see how here

  • Try to stay closer to home for your holidays, somewhere you could go by train and cut down on air travel 

  • Change to your bank to ones that does not invest in fossil fuels, weaponry, gambling and deforestation - check out a guide here

  • Ask your current pension provider or move to a new pension fund supporting sustainable industries. Check out this article written by the Financial Times on what to consider or see here how your bank is doing

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